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a living room filled with lots of books and pictures on the wall next to a desk
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there are many records on the shelves in this room
The Long, Low Shelf Is a Designer Trick That Never Fails
a living room filled with furniture and shelves
MCM Daily on Instagram: “The 'Comprehensive Storage System' (CSS) designed by George Nelson & Associ
an entertainment center with a record player, stereo system and plant in the corner next to it
Coffee & Side Tables — Custom Furniture | Square Nail Chicago
two wooden boxes are sitting on the floor
Mid-Century Modern Furniture Parts |™ | Shop Online
an image of a living room with music equipment on the table and pictures above it
a wooden shelf with books and plants on it
Console Table Design Projects by Kelly Wreastler
a room filled with lots of records and plants
These 11 Music Rooms Are Nothing Short of Inspiring | Hunker
a living room with an entertainment center and bookshelf filled with various types of records
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a record player sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a potted plant
Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Vintage Vinyl Records?
a record player is sitting on top of a bookcase in front of a window
Shelving/Cabinet/Storage — Moriki Design
an entertainment center with speakers, cd players and other musical equipment on display in a living room