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Car Wash Service landing page design
three mobile screens showing the steps to book your trip, enjoy the trip and plan your trip
Travel Startup App Onboarding
an image of a bunch of different screens on the same page, with each screen being displayed
biPay - eWallet Mobile App UI Kit
biPay - eWallet App UI Kit with clean and simple design. designed to kickstart your Digital Wallet projects and accelerate your design workflow . This UI Kit will helps you to prototype and design any Finance app. biPay - eWallet App UI Kit is fully customizable and easy to use.
an image of a web page with different colors
Citibank | Supply Chain Finance — Theresa Zhu | Product & Service Designer
an image of a web page with many different items
Inventory-Create-product.jpg by David Bitton
two screens showing different options for the user's phone number and data usage, with one being displayed on the screen
Stocks Monitor App design | Search by Muzli
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