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a hand holding a pink heart shaped box with strawberries on the inside and bottom
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three different pictures of leaves and plants on the same wall, one is painted green
Monstera Drop Dish
a white cat figurine sitting on top of an open book
two different views of a glass sculpture
STRP Mutants by HEYHEYHEY & Bart Hess | Inspiration Grid
a pink flower shaped object with two sticks sticking out of it
two ceramic cats head ornaments on a white surface
an orange and white cat shaped object with two rings on it's back end
Cat jewelry holder
a black and white cat figurine sitting on the ground with its paw in it's mouth
via popsugar
a person holding a candle in their hand with a mask on it's face
Rachel Presswood
a hand holding a small gray star shaped object in it's right hand, with the face of an alien
a yellow flower sitting on top of a white table
Flower Sculptures by Ceramic Artist Carolyn Clayton