County CARLOW.

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an empty road surrounded by green trees and leaves on both sides, leading into the distance
Beautiful Ireland by unknown author. Repinned by WI/IE. _____________________________Do feel free to visit us on for lots more pictures and stories of beautiful Ireland.
a window with a potted plant in front of it
Kelly Williams
Irish Cottage Window by rhiannakelly, via Flickr
there are many boats on the water near some buildings and trees in the background,
County Carlow, Ireland. This is where my mother's family is from. Must visit the old family wheat mill.
an old castle sitting on the side of a river
Leighlinbridge Castle (Black Castle), County Carlow, Ireland - built 14th century
an old castle sits on top of a hill next to a river with water in the foreground
County Carlow Bridge & Castle
a field full of red flowers with trees in the background
Carlow, Ireland
a body of water surrounded by buildings and hills in the distance with trees on both sides
Carlow, Ireland .... Hopefully next year!!!!
an old thatched house with a stream running through it
Carlow, Ireland
a large white building with statues on the balcony and people walking around it in front
Carlow, Ireland
an old stone house with ivy growing on the roof and windows, surrounded by green grass
The past grandeur of this abandoned mansion near Durrow in Éire is clear despite the fact that it’s been reduced to little more than a gutted shell. With its roof missing and thick foliage consuming its internal walls and chimneys, restoring the structure would prove a monumental undertaking