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a group of people standing in front of a large building with lights on it's face
KMA: great street games
an iphone screen with the date and time on it
30 Inspirational iOS 7 App Design That will surely inspire you
Skyscanner app redesign - by Beyaz Polycarp | #ui
the weather station is displayed with different times and temperatures for each day, including rain
realpixels.jpg by Ben Cline
flat iOS7 UI UX
two iphones with different time zones displayed on them
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
With Partly Cloudy, Your iPhone Displays The Weather Like A Clock
an iphone screen showing the date and time in different countries, including london, china
Real_pixels.png by Roguer
an image of a cell phone floating in the air with sharks on it's screen
Anipedia app concept
Anipedia app concept
the webpage is designed to look like it has many different buttons
Home - The Cool Hunter Journal
Designs that feel physical
an iphone with the timer on it's screen and numbers displayed in green background
Canon_Camera_iPhone_app_Light_v1_dribbble_full.png by Jeremey Fleischer
Camera Remote App Light version
an iphone is displaying the time on its screen and it's buttons are shown
Camera Remote iPhone App Concept by Jeremey Fleischer
Camera Remote iPhone App Concept by Jeremey Fleischer
an iphone screen showing the different drinks available
50 Flat Mobile UI Design with Remarkable User Experience
Flat Mobile UI Design with Remarkable User Experience | Design | Graphic Design Junction
an image of a computer screen with the text write up review of 3d
mobile UI
an app with the weather displayed on it
Google Now / mobile weather ui
the sun and moon clock is displayed on an iphone's screen, which shows it's time
lovely ui
the road is covered in mud and has several different icons on it, including an arrow
Beautiful icons #mobile #UI
the screen is displaying an image of mountains and other things that are on it's display
Mountaineer_Bigger.jpg by Cosmin Capitanu
mountaineer- interesting info details - designed by Cosmin Capitanu # flat ui
an iphone screen with the text imagine dragon's on top of the world in red
yr_player-1.png by CLEEVIO
a person holding up a computer screen displaying a webpage with different colors and sizes
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Cosmin Capitanu is a UI Designer from Bucharest, Romania. His style is very modern and trendy, using a lot of transparency and flat icons. Take a look at each UI and get some inspiration for your next project.
an image of a web page with different colors and shapes on it's side
a diagram showing the different types of electronic devices and how they are connected to each other
The Anatomy of an Experience Map
The Anatomy of an Experience Map | Adaptive Path
a world map with people on it and the words worldview in different languages below
10 Excellent User Interface Designs to Learn From
UI examples
a bunch of buttons and numbers on a white background
User Interface Design Inspiration - 54 UI Design Examples
UI kits for download
a person holding an iphone in their hand with the clock displayed on it's screen
Creative UI Design Examples for Great UX
Awwwards interface design
two electronic devices are shown side by side, one is black and the other is gold
Dashboard Design: Best User Dashboard UI Examples
UI examples
three screens showing different types of sound effects
9 great UI designs
UI design examples
a black and white image with the words text entry 2, text 3, text 4
Designing Effective User Interfaces
[dialogue boxes]
a screen shot of the causecast homepage on christmas day, with snowflakes in the background
10 Useful Techniques To Improve Your User Interface Designs — Smashing Magazine
Smashing magazine, techniques to improve UI design
two screens showing the same amount of heat in different areas, one with red and yellow colors
10 Principles Of Good Web Design — Smashing Magazine
User interface (web) design principles
an image of a webpage that has been updated to share something with usabilitypost
User Interface Design - 12 Useful Techniques — Smashing Magazine
Useful techniques for good user interface design - smashing magazine
an image of a computer screen with lines and squares on it, as well as text
Designing With Grid-Based Approach — Smashing Magazine
Grid-based Design
the instructions for how to make an origami book
Five simple steps to designing grid systems - Part 1 - Mark Boulton
an old book with writing on it and decorative designs around the edges, including flowers
A Brief History of Grids |
a brochure with an image of a man jumping in the air
Interior Design – Storables
a silver bracelet with holes and hearts on it
Kinematics Home - bracelet generator
Kinematics Home - bracelet generator
a white triangle shaped object with three intersecting sides and one side facing the other direction
Kinematics App by Nervous System
Kinematics App by Nervous System