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four cross stitch hoops with embroidered designs on them, each featuring different types of items
New Cross-Stitched Microbes and Germs by Alicia Watkins — Colossal
New Cross-Stitched Microbes and Germs by Alicia Watkins
a quilt is hanging on a fence outside
Techno-quilter is speaking a new language with her bespoke textile creations...
A simple geometric shape is fed in and the software generates a random pattern based on it, meaning Libs doesn’t know what the quilt will look like until she studies what the computer has come up with. She then builds on and develops that pattern herself before starting the needlework...
a multicolored tapestry with fringes on it
Gunta Stolzl Bauhaus weaving
Gunta Stolzl Bauhaus weaving
an embroidered portrait of a woman's face with multiple colored threads on it
Lauren DiCioccio
Richard Fuld, detail
two stuffed animals are standing next to each other
Adorable infestation of Felt Mistress creations takes over Wales Millennium Centre...
Sew Cute
a drawing of a man holding a clock in his right hand and pointing at it with both hands
A arte afetiva de Rodrigo Mogiz - BLCKDMNDS
this is an image of a piece of art with words written on it and two arrows pointing in different directions
Morgan Watt
Embroidery by artist Morgan Watt
a white stuffed doll holding a ball in its hands and wearing a dress with feathers on it
Page not found | Hesemans
Needle felt.. wow this is awesome!
a toy insect sitting on top of an apple
3D embroidered bug and insect balls by claire moynihan
3D embroidered bug and insect balls by claire moynihan
four different types of fake taxidermy are shown in the image, including deer heads and antlers
10+ Awesome D.I.Y Ideas for Vegan Taxidermy
Cashmere Taxidermy
two pictures of the same fence with different designs on it
6 Decorated Chain Link Fences
This should be done to all chain link fences.
an image of the reflection of different vehicles in water
María Aparicio Puentes
an acrylic painting of two trees with mountains in the background
Yarn Painted Trees
Yarn Painting for only a portion of the artwork.