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day and night town bookmark
The perfect gift for your book lover frind or for you! day and night town illustration bookmark printed on both sides aesthetic bookmarks diy bookmark ideas
Lets make a bookmark with me!
Difficulty: Easy Art supplies • Black fineliner • Gellyrole white pen • Paint • thick paper
Watercolor + ink bookmark
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • Watercolor • Brush • 100 % cotton paper • Baker’s twine
Diy Bookmarks
two bookmarks with watercolor designs on them sitting on top of an open book
Fruit-Marker (1=2€)
a watercolor painting of a lighthouse on paper
three small boats floating on top of water
an eye made out of fabric with black thread and beads on the outside of it
Mary Poppelier - Textielkunst
a drawing of a woman's face with circles and lines on the paper next to it