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an info sheet with the words essential theory and their corresponding names in red, white, and blue
“Major Scales in 3rds” in A.. what does in 3rds mean? I tried to google it but I still don’t understand what it means. I learned the exercise though but I would like to understand the terminology. Thanks!
the guitar tabs are arranged in three different ways
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JamPlay: Celtic Guitar - Swallow Tail Jig
the guitar tab for faster country pattern lick
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JamPlay: Teaching Tools
the pattern to strum patterns
The Graphic Guide To Country Guitar! (Now It's FREE!) - Jim Lill Music
eBook page5
four rows of different colored lines with numbers and symbols on them, all in the same row
Pentatonic Scales – Guitar Building and Woodworking
The 2-2 rule. You can find the same name note from any location on the…
the guitar journey by ray tutaj jr, with three guitars lined up in rows
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a woman wearing a cowboy hat and holding a guitar
Free Lessons - Guitar Lesson World
Intervals Feature Image
the text reads 40 minor pentatonic exercises that cover the entire guitar fretboard know
40 Minor Pentatonic Exercises That Cover The Entire Guitar Fretboard - Know The…
the guitar tab that has been made to look like it is playing
Wish You Were Here: guitar tab with melody and chords
Wish You Were Here - guitar tab 1
guitar scales lesson for beginners major guitar scales
Guitar Scales Lesson for Beginners: Major Guitar Scales
Lesson on the scales and shows the placement of the fingers, too. I like this…
guitar chords for beginners to learn how to play them
Easy Guitar Songs - Guitar Noise
Free guitar lessons that teach songs you already know and love. Complete with…
sheet music for guitar with the words shifting positions through a minor pentatonic
Shifting Positions through A Minor Pentatonic