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an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Max Ernst - Birth of Comedy, 1947 at Museum Ludwig Cologne Germany
an abstract painting with green, brown and white colors on it's face is shown
Pablo Picasso - Composition with character [Woman with arms crossed], 1920
a painting with abstract shapes and lines on it's face, as well as flowers
Wifredo Lam - Your Own Life at Kreeger Art Museum Washington DC
a drawing of a woman sitting on a chair
Mother and Child | The Art Institute of Chicago
a painting with an image of two people in the middle and one person on the other side
Discover and Shop What's Next | Highsnobiety
a drawing of a man with a hat on his head and arms folded over his chest
Cannes de collection - Daniel Traube
an image of a painting with animals on it
Cat Devouring a Bird [1939]
an abstract painting with green and blue shapes
Pablo Picasso - Woman in a chair [Figure], 1946
a drawing of a woman with her head in the air and hands on her chest
The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale
a painting of a person holding a piece of cloth in front of their face and head
Bather, 1929 - Pablo Picasso - WikiArt.org
a painting with two faces in the middle and one is looking at another person's face
Pablo Picasso - Le baiser - Dinard 25 aout 1929
a painting with an image of a woman holding a cat
Pablo Picasso |
Pablo Picasso (b.1881) | Portrait of a man – Musketeer
an abstract painting with red, white and black lines on it's face in front of a gray background
Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), Femme assise [Seated Woman],...