Flat earth

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the earth is surrounded by clouds, and there are two words above it that say biblical faith
the earth is a circle made with a compass, which is surrounded by mountains and water
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the diagram shows two intersecting circles in space
The Divine Proportion: Golden (Phi)nomena of Nature - Joe Dubs
a drawing of three circles with numbers in each one, and the other two are numbered
EPS Illustration - Golden ratio template vector, divine proportions, golden proportion. universal meanings. Vector Clipart gg102298427
a drawing of a hand holding something in it's left hand with the line drawn out
an image of a person in the center of a square with lines and shapes around it
Integrating Armwork into Hoopdance
a black and white drawing of a person doing an acrobatic pose with lines in the background
#golden ratio | Tumblr
an old book with a drawing of a man's body and the golden rectangle
Perfect Architectural Proportions - The No-Fail Formula
a drawing of the vitruon diagram with lines and figures in it,
The One Interior Design Element That Makes Rooms Soar!
an image of three circles in the center
Sorting out the Golden Ratio
a black and white drawing of an abstract design in the shape of a circle on paper
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